SWING DANCE PARTIES IN LONDON (part 3 from LONDON, LOVE, LINDY HOP….3 “L” s that reshaped my most important “L”: LIFE)

LONDON, LOVE, LINDY HOP….3 “L” s that reshaped my most important “L”: LIFE


Parties…yes parties. A special piece of the experience I had in London. Very nice! I have attended 3 of them. The time flew by very quickly.

I started to attend the parties, on the 4th of January when I went to a bar (Jamboree) where “The Cable Street Rag Band” were doing a live performance. I have spent quality time with people, meeting and dancing with a lot of them. I say “Thank you” to all the wonderful people I met there. Here is a sneak peak of their work:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jx4Pox5E9nE

I also had the pleasant surprise of seeing that The Cable Street Rag Band were selling their CD’s. I have the inner belief that buying someone’s art (a book, a CD, a workshop…etc…) means that you like that art and you support them. .

It was the 7th of January (Saint Johns’ Day in Romania), my name day. So, I spent almost all day in a nice vibe from people cheering me in texts and Facebook messages wishing me to have a wonderful party. They didn’t know that I was planning to have it and the Universe gave me a nice present: the party from Bishops Gate Institute, organized by Swing Patrol. Wonderful venue, well organized event, very entertaining evening, had a great time.

I had two very memorable moments:

  • the jam session with the newcomers; good music, friendly people and nice environment, for which I say “Thank you”;
  • being asked to dance by a wonderful 80 years old man. For me, as a dancer it was an honor to meet a person who started Swing Dancing in the mid-fifties, right at the tail end of the Swing Era, but a full three decades before the great revival who felt that Swing vibe of those times.

I lived this in my previous experiences in Argentine Tango, where we respect the elder’s heritage and we feel honored to dance with them. For me meeting this kind of person from the Lindy Hop scene was almost like offering my respect to the elders who built for me the scene in which I can now dance. They made it possible for us now.

In our talks I asked him what is his secret of dancing until 80 and he responded nicely: “To keep going and never stop. You should never stop dancing and having a passion for something. Do it every day of your life. I still do it”. And immediately a huge smile appeared allover his face. Thank you, David, for giving me this wonderful opportunity to dance with you and get to know you. We still have to dance next time I come over. I owe you a few more.

The 8th of January, the last day of my holiday. So, I spent it in many ways: resting 🙂  and shopping. But it was also something special. I was planning for a long time to visit London Swing Dance Society. I use to call them: “my Bucuresti Swing Dance Society’s cousins”.

I met that night the beautiful and helpful Anna Lambrechts and the smiles and nice energy of Simon Selmon, the managers of London Swing Dance Society, at the “Swing at Sway” party which they organized. I had the pleasure and the honour to spend a few minutes talking about Swing Dance scene in Bucharest and Brasov compared to London, to take wonderful pictures so we can prove that “cousins met” 🙂 and also last but not least to share the beautiful vibe of the music they played. Thank you, Simon and Anna, for the wonderful time spent with you.

On my way home I have received another present from the Universe and another sign that if you wait for the right moment and you are open minded, you get something magical. I have received my magical gift: a beautiful drawing of myself from an artist I danced with on the 8th January party. Thank you, Jeremy Sutton, for the nice painting.

The story continues with flying from London to Bucharest, on the 9th of January, tired but happy and ready to apply all the knowledge I gathered from my holiday in London.

“Keep going…. never stop doing what you love!” David (80 years old).

LONDON, LOVE, LINDY HOP….3 “L”s that reshaped my most important “L”: LIFE


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